Urgent Job?  We specialize in performing urgent orders in the field of sign, textile printing, lettering, printing and promoional items. To be able to carry out an emergency assignment well, we have a few tips for you, so that we can get up to speed with your mission.   

How does it work? Send an e-mail to info@joor.it so that we can help you quickly, by identifying the subject as an Emergency or Urgent. Then we would like to know the following:


  • the material (banner, poster, sticker etc)
  • the format


The print run (the textile is the key for textile printing, than wanting to know about the garment

  • the type (t-shirt, polo, sweatshirt etc.)
  • women and/or men's model
  • the color you want, and the number you want printed
  • the sizes.

The imprint we prefer delivered is a digital print file (vector). What we want to know about the imprint is:

  • the colour (which colour (s) shall be used?)
  • the position (where should come the imprint exactly?)
  • the format (how(how big should be the imprint?)  


If we already have this information, we make a quotation for you. After you agree to the quote, the digital example and the terms of delivery and payment for the work will be agreed.  The delivery time is always set out! It is the fastest if you will pick up your order in the store, but we can also send.